Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Hello From Wittenberg, Germany =)
Caitlyn Miskimen and Holly Weber here to blog about our trip to Germany for a few weeks in the summer with Ashland University! We have been here for a week now, although it seems as if we have been here longer! There has been a lot to do in the week that we have been here, but we are absolutely loving the experience!! We have traveled to Leipzig for an overnight trip and on Friday Caitlyn went to Halle, pronounced Holla, while Holly went to Berlin! Both trips were insanely tiring, but at the same time something that we will never forget! Other than that we have just been spending our time in the cute, quaint, and cozy town of Wittenberg.

The little town that we are staying in is full of German speaking people who don't know much English... That leads to some awkward conversations and looks because of the language barrier. However, we have learned a few terms while we have been here =) These include:

  • Sprechen Zie English? -- Do you speak English?
  • Danca -- Thank you
  • Bitte (pronounced Bit-a)-- Please or you're welcome
  • Drucken-- Push, This term is on every door and crosswalk but we continue to pull on every door to enter a building.
  • Entschuldigen-- Excuse me
  • Nein (pronounced Nine)-- No
  • Also, all the time is in military time, so we had to get use to the too! 
Whenever we are not traveling to other places or exploring the town that we are staying in, we are in classes. While here we take 2 classes and get the credit hours for both of them... well if we pass we get the credit for them =) We are taking Theater here which is a lot of fun and one that we both really enjoy!! And then there is Philosophy which is... well let's just say its interesting. 

Since we have been here for a week, have finally gotten use to the time difference, and have gotten adjusted we finally got around to creating this blog. Now that it has been made we will hopefully be able to update more often and add more photos from the trip =) So far it has been a wonderful experience and we already never want to leave! 

Caitlyn and Holly

 The 2 of us with a couple of the friends we made on the trip... The order from L to R is Holly, Alex, Caitlyn, and Melisa!
 A picture of Wittenberg, the town we are staying in.
 The street view from our Hotel. The big tall building is the Castle Church.
 Some of the first German food we had!! From the potato house... it was probably one of our favorite meals!
From on top of a building in Leipzig... Definitely an awesome view!!! 

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