Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Excursion Week!

Greeting All!

So we just got back from our eventful, tiring, and long week of traveling adventure. Although this trip was better arranged than Prague, it was still just as tiring! On Tuesday we left the colleg and traveled to Weimer where we had a couple of hours to walk around, and then we went the the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The Concentration camp was a saddening experience, but at the same time something that was great to see! 

Later that evening we left Weimer and traveled to Erfurt... a cute little town built on a river! We had dinner at the hotel that night, than a few of us went out to some of the local pubs and just experienced the night life. The following day we had a walking tour with out precious tour guide Hans-Peter! He was very animated and you could tell he was very passionate about the town! We then had 6 hours to spend on our own in the town, and although the town was cute it was small and took us about 2 hours to do what we wanted to do and see what we wanted to see! Later that night we went to dinner at the Golden Swan and had a traditional German meal which was bratwurst, sauerkraut, and potatoes and the dessert was delicious! I nice, warm Apple bread in vanilla sauce thing! We then spent a couple more hours in the hotel before going to the fortress wall and cathedrals to see them at night. On the way we meet a cute russian girl and another American girl who spoke English so we spent some time with them as well! Then everyone went back and got ready for bed! 

Today we had breakfast at the hotel at 8 and left Erfurt at 9 to head to Eisenach and see the Wartburg castle there! The castle was amazing, although the climb to get to the castle was a killer! However, once we made it to the top, it was so worth the climb! Then we got a tour of the castle, which was an amazing thins to say, and we had another great tour guide! Honestly, the Erfurt tour guide and the Castle tour guide would make a perfect couple... just saying!! Then we had a few hours to walk around the town so we went to the Bach Museum, had lunch, and then just walked around to a couple of the shops! We loaded the bus at 3, then head back to Wittenburg for one of our last nights here! The bus ride back was the quietest bus ride we have ever been on... it was very clear that everyone was very tired! 

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Germany so we are heading to the train station to head to Berlin to go to the Olympic Stadium! Going to be an awesome way to spend our last day in Germany! Saturday we leave at 6 AM to go to the airport and then head back to the United States! =(

Well that's all for now... off to play some cards with the other girls on our floor! Photos will be attached below =) 

Caitlyn and Holly! 

Waiting to go into the castle!
Just paying wonderful attention to our tour!
In front of the castle!
Random picture... but under the Charles Bridge in Prague
Group of girls outside of the castle!
Caitlyn rolling down the steep hill! 

 In the cute ivy leaves garden thing!
O-H-I-O... in Germany! 

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