Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

A Day in Berlin

Hello again,
So yesterday we spent the day in Berlin which is the capital of Germany. It was a big city with thousands of things to do, so our 1 day in the city was definitely not enough time to see everything! However, we did see quite a bit and had a wonderful day there! Our reason for going was to see the Germany Musical Tanz der Vampire-- but we had free time up until the show time to explore after our little tour.

In the morning on the tour was saw many things- some really cool things and some things that were just interesting to see. Some of this things included:

  • On the way to the city, we saw a nice park where people were laying out... only in Germany I suppose it is ok to lay out in this park with NOTHING on-- also I should add that this park, full of people with no clothing on was right beside the freeway! Interesting to say the least...
  • We saw the Brandenburg Gate which was very cool to see and to hear our tour guide, Christian, told us the story of how the Berlin wall stopped people from from getting to the West side which was considered the nicer side of Germany.  
  • While looking at the Brandenburg Gate, we could also turn around and see Hotel Adlon-- You may not recognize the hotel by that name but this may help-- Hotel Adlon was the hotel that Michael Jackson hung the baby out the window! 
  • After that we went to the Berlin wall-- AWESOME thing to see! Part of the wall is still standing and there is a path of stones to represent where the wall use to go! It was cool to put a foot on each side of the stone path and say we were half in east Berlin and half in east Berlin! 
  • Our last stop was Check point Charlie! Checkpoint Charlie was where people went if they needed to cross the border from West Berlin to East Berlin or vise versa! 
After the tour was over, we were able to go do what we wanted for the few hours we had before the show started! A group of us followed one of the professors on the subway to go to Turkey town... which is like New York's China Town! That was really cool to walk around and see all the different shops with cheap stuff in it! Also, we ate lunch at this incredible sandwich place that was really cheap! 

At 5:30 the whole group met up at the bus and headed to the theater to see Tanz der Vampire! We really weren't sure was the expect considering the fact that we were about to see a 3 hour musical that was all in German-- meaning we would not understand anything! However, the show was MAGNIFICENT!! It was a great experience and everyone in the group was way more impressed with the show then they originally thought! 

Well that pretty much wraps up our day in Berlin!! Photos from our trip will be in a new post later today!! =)

Now how about a few random things that we have learned while in in Germany that makes it different from the United States...
  1. The word Nudity here clearly has a different meaning than it does in America... a show that is said will have no nudity will still have naked people in it! 
  2. There is no speed limit on the Freeways in Germany!
  3. When giving people a thumbs up to tell them "Good job" or let them know that you get it... you are actually telling them the number 1 here! 
  4. It is very hard to get regular tap water, called Still Wasser, here... and YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!! If you just order water here... they will bring you this gross carbonated stuff! 
  5. Along with the water... people judge you big time for ordering a still wasser... I guess that just isn't normal here! 
  6. No only is the water here carbonated... but so is juice and lemonade and of course the pop! 
  7. People don't drive here very much! which is actually a nice thing! 
  8. Here--- a bike ALWAYS has the right away... also they have bike paths that are part of the sidewalk you walk on-- stay off the bike path or you will get run over by a bike... they don't stop! 
  9. The gas prices are only by the liter and for one gallon of gas it is close to 10 American dollars WOW!
  10. You have to pay to use the public restroom
  11. No free re-fills for ANYTHING
  12. No finger foods you have to eat everything with a fork
  13. They do not like to touch money. You must put your money on a little plate before the cashier will take it.
  14. There is a lot of PDA here but it is acceptable and down right cute!
  15. There seems to be no wild life here.  No deer, squares, or chipmunks like on Ashland's campus only pigeons here in Germany

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