Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Berlin Photos

As promised... here are a few photos from Berlin! =)

 Both of us in front of the Berlin Wall
 A group in front of the wall... from left to right- Becca, Hanna, Alex. Caitlyn, Jackie, and Holly
 Holly standing halfway in East Berlin and half in West Berlin
 Caitlyn doing the same thing... standing above where the Berlin wall use to be
 On the Subway... from L-R... Melisa, Hannah, Holly, and Caitlyn
 Group with the wall at Checkpoint Charlie-- Front L-R  Lauren, Ashley, middle row- Krista, Alex, Hannah, Melisa and Back- Caitlyn, Holly, Jackie
 The delicious, Cheap sandwiches we had for lunch in Turkey Town
 The Holocaust monument... 2,711 blocks above where Hitler's underground bunker use to be!
Hotel Adlon... the open Window in the 3rd floor is where Micheal Jackson hung the baby out the window!

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